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This is the member's page. Each members are sorted into the lab the belonged to. Information are stated as follows:

Real name-nickname-power-class-deviant creator

*Primers need a real name and a nickname.
*powers cant be repeated. Be original.
*classes available for now are:
~rogues- primers who have escaped/fighting the GCPA
    Rogue subclasses (a rogue can have several subclasses)
    -avengers- those who fight to protect the weaker rogues
    -scouts- those who look out for enemies/whisperers and gather information
    -mystics- those who look for infected children ad try to get them before the GCPA does
    -sentinels-basically are the guards of the rogues hiding places
    -raiders-scavengers of the group. They look for equipment they need in the hideouts

~Governmental Engaged (GE)- primers working for the government.. rogues call them drones
    GE subclasses (a GE can have several subclasses)
    -whisperers- GE's who pretend to be experiments/rogues to spy on rogues/JV
    -seekers- GE's who spot and identify children who are infected
    -slayers- GE's who fight rogues and fight for GCPA
    -artisans-GE's who help in the lab to create weapons and things for the GPCA
    -riders- they collect the children proven as suspected as primers
~experiments-primers who are still held captive and not yet freed
~scientist-those who are working for the labs
~adult-any adult not working for the labs(humans only)

[NOTE: All old members have their real names unknown for protection]


Government Child Protection Association (GCPA)
"we protect your children from the primers for you"
Mr and Mrs Walton-n/a-n/a-scientists(NPC)-ZannyHyper
Tanya Walton-n/a-threshold of pain(voice)-GE(NPC)-ZannyHyper
Jorgan Walton-n/a-vapor secretion-Primer-GE(NPC)-ZannyHyper
Alexander Lönnroth-(Ask LucaAlverez when she gets on)-Experiment-LucaAlverez
Aron Lönnroth-(Ask LucaAlverez when she gets on)-Experiment-LucaAlverez

Alpha Laboratory
England, Europe
(unknown)-JV-(unknown)very smart;unconfirmed-rogue leader-ZannyHyper
(unknown)-Tin-metal hands-rogue(NPC)-ZannyHyper
(unknown)-Style-super strength-rogue(NPC)-ZannyHyper
(unknown)-Auntie Wormwood-Healer-rogue(NPC)-ZannyHyper
(unknown)-Joi-technology; unspecified-rogue-Uzlo
Jay-Jay Tyler Morgan-Neuron-Illusionist-rogue-AkuchiNobara

Bravo Laboratory
Nevada, North America

Charlie Laboratory
Brazil, South America

Delta Laboratory
Madagascar, Africa
Kadi Batu-Toxin-Corrosive Acid-Rouge(Avenger)-Tesuway-chan

Echo Laboratory
China, Asia
Angelynne Winters-Snow-shape shifter-rogue(Raider)-elithranielle

Foxtrot Laboratory
Tasmania, Australia
Dru Scott-Eclipse-Psionic Connection-Rouge(Mystic)-Tesuway-chan

(to be sorted)

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