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The NPC characters will generally be RPed by me, some will be around more than others though.

Below I will list each the NPC's that are worth noting. With there background and possibly pictures of them when I get around to draw them all haha.

Also Im adding the NPC's 'theme songs'

Auntie Wormwood</b> -

Age of infection = 16

Current Age = 60+

Power = Healing

Karma</b> -

Theme =Karma Chameleon

Age of infection = 17

Current Age = 17

Power = 'chameleon' ability(blends into the background but does not 'disappear')

He comes from a big family, 7 children in total(him included) a mom, a dad and a pet budgie, all of which had to live in a small counsel flat in Dudley Port, Tipton.
His eldest sibling moved out and joined the army, then the second eldest stayed at home and sold drugs, then there's Karma who still went to school with his younger 3 siblings. His mom worked in the local corner shop, while there dad spent most of there money on booze and worked in a car factory, building doors for the cars.
Now his dad didn't like Primers, not one bit, that once he found out Karma was a victim to the virus, he disowned him there and then and called the GCPA. Karma's mother on the other hand tried to calm the distraught child, and keep him save from the GCPA, she took him from there house to run away with him, or as far as she could go, but his dad found them, he beat his mother, just as the GCPA arrived and took the newly infected away.
This was when he first met Tin, he had been caught shortly before and was int eh same pick up truck as him, hands chuffed together with gloves covering his hands, before long Karma's head was shuffed into a bag and his hands tide behind his back.
As they were being taken to the Laboratory in Europe, the pick up truck was attacked, and the two captives were rescued, they were rescued by a small boy no younger than Karma. He let them stay at his current place of residence as he explained the situation in full, or as full as he was willing to explain. Suggesting for them both to forget everything they've learnt up to that point.
Karma just scoffed at the idea and demanded to be taken back home, or at least to talk to his mom, the mysterious saver took the owner's house phone and gave it to him, he called his home, luckily for him, his mom picked up. Unfortunately for him, everything the boy had explained had been the truth, he could hear her crying over the other end of the phone which didn't help the youth non either, as she told him, that things would be better if he stayed away, for his safety.

Tin</b> -

Age of infection = 17

Current Age = 29

Power = Metal hands

Style</b> -

Age of infection = 12

Current Age = 16

Power = Super strength

Jorgan Walton</b> -

Theme =Had Enough

Age of infection = 12

Current Age = 16

Power = Vapor secretion; He can use the vapors in the air and control them, to a limitation.

Tanya Walton</b> -

Theme =Dance With The Devil

Age of infection = 11

Current Age] = 18

Power = threshold of pain(voice);can make high pitched noises with her voice to knock people out or make their ear's bleed.

Mr. Walton</b> -

(Not a Primer but one of the head researchers on the cure to the Primer Virus)

Mrs. Walton</b> -

(Not a Primer but one of the head researchers on the cure to the Primer Virus)

Professor Vincent Walton</b> -

(No information is really known about Professor Vincent Walton, except that his the lead head scientist on the research for the cure, and the engineer to some of the weapon's used to capture primers.)
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