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Please create a character sheet, it has to be in full colour, Please's state in the title 'Character Sheet - Government' or 'Character Sheet - Rouge' and in the note, put the link, AND PUT ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE NOTE AS WELL! WE WILL NOT COPY IT FROM YOUR DESCRIPTION, THANK YOU.

Birth name:</b> This is the name your parents gave you, you must include a first (middle if you wish) and last name.
New name:</b> This is only applied for when you join the Rogue's. The reason your character has to have a new name is because there old name is on record, and they'd be easy to track and find, so a new name MUST be like a NICKNAME, NOT another real name. (examples, Sauce, Karma, Crash, Tasmanian etc.) okay? For those working for GCPA or are adults, just put n/a on nickname.
Gender:</b> Male, Female, other? if so, state please.
Age of Infection:</b> How old was your character when they were infected?(Please no younger than 3 years of age)
Current Age:</b> How old is your character now?
Power:</b> What is your characters power? And what's the flaws for this power? (EX. Shapeshifter would require a time limit and can only transform into something of the same mass.) Powers may not be replicated. Check out the members list… for other information and rules.
Location:</b> Where are you? Primers, from what lab?
Class:</b> GCPA, GE or Rogue?  Check out the members journal… for the list of available classes. (If you work for the government, please state where your barcode is, it can be either on a shoulder, back of neck, lower back or anywhere on the torso. Primers not working for the government are masked with DNA like tattoo on their arm.)
Height:</b> How tall are you?
Background and Personality:</b> Tell us more of your character. We want to get to know them better.
Other;</b> Is there anything else you would like to add?

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